RA Machined Fly Reels 3 – 7 Wts – NEW


RATM Series Fly Reels

The Stone Creek RATM Series fly reel is a large-arbor design machined from aerospace bar stock aluminum. This reel comes in two sizesĀ  RA-1 > 3-4 Wt lines and RA-2 > 5-6-7 Wt lines.


* Machined from aerospace bar stock aluminum for strength.
* Large-Arbor Spool to increase line retrieve speed and make fighting fish easier
* Both Series reels hold 100 yds of 20# backing
* Spool runs on 3 sealed stainless steel ball bearings for years of maintenance free operation
* No plastic parts or bushings
* Easy left to right hand retrieve conversion
* Quick spool release yet spool is firmly attached to prevent accidental release
* Dependable disc drag
* Easy to reach drag adjustment knob with infinite adjustments from full lock to no drag
* From full lock to no drag in one turn of the drag knob for fast adjustments
* Exposed Palming Rim on Spool for Extra Control of a Running Fish
* Comes with neoprene reel case
* Colors are Green or Gunmetal
* Spare Spools available from $72. Order a spare spool and keep a spare line available. For example spool one for 3 wt line and one for a 4wt line.
* AND they are affordable at only $144.00 A great price for a machined fly reel.

Be sure to specify left or right hand retrieve for spooling the reel.


RA Machined Fly Reel Spare Spools 3 – 7 Wts – NEW

Price: from $144.00
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