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RiteTM Bobbin Short History

The RiteTM Bobbin was designed and developed by Mr. Bill Merg, a German born and educated Manufacturing Engineer and master fly tier, in 1991. Bill spent several years perfecting the design. Then he and his wife Eva started Merco Products in Sunnyvale, California, in 1993.  The RiteTM Bobbin enjoyed rapid world wide success and is sold in 30 countries today. In 2006, the Mergs retired and sold the business to Lyle Graff the current owner. Lyle, with the Mergs assistance, moved the business to Nye, Montana where it resides today on the banks of the beautiful Stillwater River in southern Montana.

RiteTM Bobbins are used the world over by amateur and professional fly tiers because it is the only fly tying bobbin to offer adjustable thread tension control. Ordinary spring arm bobbins do not have this thread tension control ability. With a spring arm bobbin, the tier has to apply thread control by squeezing the bobbin arms or bending the arms. Neither method works very well.

With the RiteTM Bobbin, simply turn the star tension wheel to adjust the thread tension. These high quality bobbins are made with a single brass or stainless arm, brass thread adjustment wheel, high impact plastic spool holders and high quality ceramic thread tube. In fact the ceramic thread tubes are so high quality, competing bobbin manufacturers purchase the tubes from Merco for use in their own brands of tying bobbins.

RiteTM Bobbins come in five models: from the Shorty, Standard, Mag, Cermag and Half Hitch Bobbins.



Price: from $24.99
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