Sink Tip Fly Lines (Red w/ Black Tip) Fast

fly-lines-sinking sink tip

Stone Creek Fast Sinking Lines offer a 5 to 6 inch per second sink rate. The 12 foot front tip allows for a full coverage of the water column in most normal stream fishing. The front tip combined with a 5 foot front taper and a 23 foot belly and 70 foot running line will also cover most of your lake fishing. The 70 foot running line with attached backing will keep your fish under control. These intermediate sinking lines are good for streamers, big stoneflies, intermediate size nymphs 8 through 14. Couple the sink tip line with a Stone Creek fluorocarbon tippet and you can go deep for those trophy fish. Sink Tip Color is black and the line is red. Available in line weights 5 through 10.

Price: from $49.98
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