Sinking Fly Line (Dark Green)

fly-lines-sinking sink tip

Stone Creek Full Sinking Lines get flies down deep to the feeding zone while still giving you the ability to mend line for a natural drift. These full sinking lines are great for fishing streamers and nymphs in fast or deep water. The six foot front taper yields a wide range of depth control for most normal stream fishing. For going deeper there is a 13 foot belly behind the front taper and a 1 foot rear taper for a total of 20 feet before the 70 foot running line. Great for deep lake fishing. Sink rate is 2 to 4 inches per second. Color is Dark Green. Available in line weights 4 through 10 and in two sink rates. Type 3 is an intermediate sink at 3-4 inches per second. Type 5 is fast sink at 5-6 inches per second.

Price: from $49.98
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