Stone Creek Fluorocarbon Tippet Spools – 2X to 7X- 35M

stone creek fluorocarbon tippet spool

Stone Creek premium monofilament tippet spools will cover most of your fishing situations from dry fly to nymph fishing. These tippet spools are designed to work with Stone Creek leaders. But they will also work with other eader brands equally well. Best of all Stone Creek monofilament tippet spools are reasonably priced. The fish don’t care but your wallet does. Buy some extra pools so you don’t run out on stream.

Editor Note: I use both Stone Creek monofilament and fluorocarbon tippet in my own fly fishing. The fish really don’t care. I catch them on the more expensive brand or the reasonably priced Stone Creek brand.

Stone Creek’s fluorocarbon tippet material gives you the nymph fishing edge over regular monofilament tippets and leaders. Fluorocarbon is heavier than water so it sinks faster to reach the depth where fish are feeding. This means shorter more controlled drifts than with monofilament tippet material which takes longer to sink. Monofilament tippet material is lighter than water. That is why you have to use weighted nymphs, split shot or tungsten putty to get a monofilament leader and tippet to sink fast enough.

Stone Creek Fluorocarbon tippet spools come in sizes 2X through 7X in 35 meter spools.

Whether you use Stone Creek monofilament or fluorocarbon tippet material, please use one of our Monomasters to store discarded leader and tippet while on stream. Then you can dispose of the discards once you get home. Monofilament takes 653 years and fluorocarbon about 4,000 years to decompose to water and carbon dioxide according to an article in Fly Fisherman in 2010.

Price: from $12.00
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