Stone Creek Monofilament Tippet Spools – 2X to 7X – 50M

stone creek monofilament tippet spools with 50ys of tippet

Stone Creek premium monofilament tippet spools (50 meters not 35 like most brands) will cover most of your fishing situations from dry fly to nymph fishing. These tippet spools are designed to work with Stone Creek leaders. But they will also work with other leader brands equally well. Best of all Stone Creek monofilament tippet spools are reasonably priced. The fish don’t care but your wallet does. Buy some extra pools so you don’t run out on stream.

Editor Note: I use both Stone Creek monofilament and fluorocarbon tippet in my own fly fishing. The fish really don’t care. I catch them on the more expensive brand or the reasonably priced Stone Creek brand.

Price: from $6.00
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