Successful Fly Fishing for Trout


Learning to fly fish and catch trout or other fish can be a frustrating experience! Yet I have seen seven year old kids with only 3  hours of instruction be able to roll cast and catch fish. Using the same fly fishing techniques taught in “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”.

My name is Marshall Estes. I have been fly fishing since 1969. When starting out fly fishing, I had to teach myself by reading books and practicing a lot. It was three years before I started catching trout consistently. As a fly fishing enthusiast for more than 44 years, my goal is to shorten your fly fishing learning curve to 60 days or less. So I’d like to share some of my trout fishing knowledge with you in my book “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”

You are probably wondering about now if I know what I am talking about. Here are a few pictures in the gallery that may convince you I do know how to catch trout.

Here are some of the topics covered in my book.

  1. What Equipment is Necessary
  2. How to Save Money on Gear
  3. Effective Casting
    • The 5 Essentials of Effective Casting
    • Different rod grips to use
    • Casting Stances to Use
    • The Roll Cast – Easiest for the Beginner to Master
    • The Stream or Water Cast – An effective easy fishing cast
    • The Over Hand Cast – The most difficult to master but pretty to watch
    • The Basic Pickup and Lay Down Cast
    • How to make a Casting Course
  4. Three Knots to use for Fly Fishing
  5. What Trout Eat and What Flies to Use
  6. Angling Etiquette
  7. Catch and Release Fishing Techniques to help conserve our fishery resources
  8. Stream Safety
  9. What Trout Need to Survive
  10. How to read water to know where to find trout
  11. How to Choose a Casting Position
  12. Types of Stream Casts
  13. Handling Wind When Casting
  14. Nymph Fishing
  15. Hooking and Fighting Big Fish
  16. And Much More

Standard Bonuses
Come with Purchase of “Successful Fly Fishing for Trout”

  1. Free Fish Weight Calculator – Simply input your fish length and girth and press a button to get the weight. Works for Freshwater and Salt Water fish too – up to 9,999 pounds.
  2. Check off lists of How to Choose
    • Fly Rod
    • Fly Reel
    • Waders
    • Fishing Vest
    • Fishing Guide
  3. Surprise Bonuses
  4. Free Detailed Report on Choosing Fly Fishing Gear
  5. Coupon worth 20% off your order at our main fly shop

All this for only $9.95 – downloadable after payment.

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