TriangleFoam Fly Box – Medium w/Page


TriangleFoam fly boxes are designed to hold your flies securely in high density foam hook slots with a triangle cut at the front. This triangle allows for easy insertion of the hook in sizes 12 through 22 with fingers and down to size 26 with forceps. Try the finger method with the expensive competitor.

The TriangleFoam Fly Box shell is manufactured from a high grade high impact poly material. The foam insert is high density foam with triangle cut hook slots in it. These TriangleFoam fly boxes come in three configurations in both Standard and Medium Sizes.  No insert, turn page insert or fly threader insert

  1. Box with foam insert – holds 182 flies in sizes 10-12 thru 22 – 24
  2. Box with Turn Page – Best Deal
    • The standard size holds 396 flies in sizes 12-22-24
    • The medium holds 474 flies in sizes 10 – 22-24
  3. Either size will hold flies in sizes 4 thru 10 but less total if using larger flies.
  4. Replacement pages are available in grey only


Price: from $17.50
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