The Bank Robber

The Bank Robber

I had been reading about the new Bank Robber fly rod from St. Croix Rod Company. This rod series was designed by St Croix rod engineers with Kelly Gallup’s advice and help. Kelly Gallup is a famous outfitter, designer of flies such as the Butt Monkey and Zoo Couger and owner of a lodge on the Madison River in Montana. The new Bank Robber rod uses the new 3M tm nano particle matrix resin to bind the blank’s graphite fibers together. This new silca particle resin is supposed to offer greater resistance to blank buckling on the compression side of the rod when it is loaded. If you overload a rod, the blank can become damaged at the point of overloading and may break at that point.

Today, I got a call from Steve Johnson owner of Royal Stevens fly shop at Girard Place located one block north of Hampton Ave on Gilpin. The new Bank Robber rods were in. I hopped in the car and headed for Royal Stevens.

The new Bank Robber rods only come in a 6 wt and a 7 wt at this time.

  1. The blank is a beautiful steel grey color
  2. The stripper guide is Fuji K and the tip top is Fuji MN both lined with Alconite to reduce line friction
  3. Snake guides are hard chromed
  4. Guide wraps are protected by two coats of slow cure Flex Coat
  5. The cork grip is flora-grade cork. This is the highest grade of cork available. The grip on the rod I tested was one of the smoothest I have ever tested
  6. The grip on the 6 wt is a modified full wells grip with the top flare slightly smaller than normal but it was comfortable to hold
  7. The reel seat is an unusual machined anodized aluminum skeletonized grip with elongated diamond shaped cut outs to hold your streamers or large nymphs
  8. The really unusual part is the rod blank extends to the end of the butt cap and can be seen through the reel seat cut outs
  9. The reel seat is a double uplocking type and holds the reel securely in place
  10. There is a small fighting butt.
  11. Manufactured in Park Falls, WI, USA
  12. MSRP is $400

Casting Characteristics

There was a severe wind blowing during the casting test today. Since this rod was designed to pound big streamers into the bank under adverse conditions, this wind was going to be a perfect test.

  • For the first dozen casts, the rod felt stiff to me. Rather like my Sage Z-Axis did when I first started using it. Then I started to get my stroke adjusted to hit the stops front and back hard enough to form good tight loops.
  • Most of the casting had to be done on a horizontal plane about 2 or 3 feet off the ground to escape the wind.
  • Working the rod for some ten minutes, I could tell this was a powerhouse of a rod. You could easily cast a full fly line with it. (Steve told me that he had done so on Friday after working with the rod a while) Because of the wind, I did not try this much line but I could throw 60 feet easily without much effort.
  • The Bank Robber 6 wt is a reasonably light weight rod for  this line weight.
  • Given the wind conditions today, I was quite pleased with the power, lightness and casting feel to the rod.
  • If you have been using a 7 wt or an 8 wt rod for your heavy trout or bass fishing, you might want to try the St Croix Bank Robber instead

Tight Lines,

Marshall, Editor
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