The Good Humor Man


Whoa! Here it is – 5 A.M. I woke up with a huge hunger for some Good Humor and burning eyes from the California wildfire smoke wafting over the Rockies.  Not the ice cream kind off the little truck with the melody but some gut busting belly laughing kind of good humor.

So I headed over to Keith Barton’s “” for a dose of good laughs.  Keith’s posts are always good for a laugh.  Take the first one “200 Words on the Appearance of a Spoon“.  Heck, I would have to look up participle and infinitive in a dictionary to remember what they are.  Let alone how to split one.  (Wonder if Keith has thought about selling a patent pending infinitive splitter.)

Must get some of that offshore Viagra made from kitty litter and agent orange.  If that doesn’t cure my arthritis and straighten me out, I will call the coroner.

Then there is that picture of what appears to be an old $19.95 civil defense gas mask.  Our Arapahoe County Commissioners have made it illegal to possess gas masks, the large soaker water guns, sling shots, rolls of 1/2” cable or a large sling affair that could throw a rock large enough to hurt someone when attending a demonstration in the county.  Wonder if the see thru kind of gas mask is illegal.  The police security vids would show who you are for later arrest and incarceration. Then again the mask might kill you and you would not have to worry about it.  Just no fun  attending a Democratic National Convention demonstration anymore.

The best recent post is “Old School might best be left to History” .  Ah the nostalgia of hitting a fish on the head with one of those old wet flies that were two sizes too big and 5 times too heavy while throwing a heavy Fenwick fiberglass rod.  Much as I hate to admit it, those Big 5 flies look like some of my first attempts at tying a dry fly circa 1971.  Ugly as hell but some actually caught a brain damaged trout or two.  I did discover the Montana Nymph early on and it saved my fly fishing career.

Thanks Keith for the endurance and perseverance to put out 428 posts in 365 days.  I have enjoyed them.

Happy Birthday


Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
Alaska Trout Fishing Information