The Skitter

The skitter is one of the easiest and effective techniques to employ in both dry fly and nymph fishing.

Nymph Fishing

  1. Complete your dead drift
  2. Let the current bring your nymph to the surface
  3. Raise your rod up slightly to put some tension on the fly line
  4. Gently move your rod tip back and forth in about a 3 inch arc either side of the rod when it is straight out from you.
  5. Stop the rod at each end of the arc for a moment and give any fish following a chance to strike
  6. The back and forth motion will swim the fly about one to two feet back and forth.
  7. Repeat the back and forth motion about 3 to 6 times before casting back up stream again
  8. The back and forth motion will sometimes trigger a strike from a fish that has followed a fly downstream and not hit it.

Dry Fly Fishing

  1. Complete your drift
  2. Follow steps 3 through 7 from the nymph fishing procedure before casting upstream.

The Skitter is a simple and effective technique to practice and it will often result in a good fish.Trout will oftentimes drift backwards with a fly inspecting it before deciding to eat it. I once watched a 20 inch rainbow on the South Platte follow my fly for 20 feet before taking it.