Triple Surgeons Knot

A super strong knot for
leader to leader connections.

Instead of using the surgeons knot for making leader to leader connections, use a triple surgeons knot instead.  This is a small 100% break strength knot. The triple surgeon’s knot is sometimes called the triple overhand knot.

To tie the knot:

  • place the long leader to your right and overlap the end some 3 inches along the leader to your left.
  • grasp the tag end and leader to your right and twist it into a loop in between your hands.
  • grasp the standing leader on your left and the loop in your left hand
  • using your fingers ,the end of your closed forceps or other tool, pull the tag end and free leader on your right through the loop three times
  • grasp the tag end and long piece of leader on your right in your right hand.  Grasp the tag end and long leader on your left in your left hand
  • gently pull your hands in opposite directions to start seating the knot
  • wet the knot and tug in opposite directions to finish seating the knot.
  • trim loose tag ends close to the knot.  (this small neat knot can be trimmed close without affecting the 100% break strength)

From personal testing, I can say this is a great fly fishing knot with very strong breaking strength.  Recently, I had to break off a fly to get free from a rock.  The leader broke but the triple surgeons knot was intact when I examined the broken leader.

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