How to Tie the Uniknot or Duncan Loop

Uni-knot or Duncan Loop— This is a reasonably simple fly fishing knot to tie. It can be left as a loop that will tighten down upon “hook up” with a fish or it can be cinched tight to the hook eye right away. If you are going to cinch to the hook eye, make sure to moisten the line so the knot will slide down to the eye and tighten correctly. Once tied correctly, this knot will not slip. It is supposed to be stronger than the improved clinch knot. A few simple field tests have convinced me that the uniknot is neater and stronger than the the improved clinch knot.

Steps to tie the Uni-Knot

  • Insert the tag end of the leader through the eye of the hook from the top.
  • Allow about 5 to 6 inches of leader to extend beyond the hook eye.
    • Double back the tag end of the leader to form a right hand loop with the loop laying against the standing end of the leader.
    • The tag end of the leader will be pointed up and ready to wrap back through the standing loop
    • Hold the standing part of the leader and the loop at the front of the loop. The part away from the hook eye.
  • Wrap the tag end of the leader around the standing leader and through the open loop 4 to 6 times.
  • Moisten the knot and pull the tag end until the knot just tightens against the standing leader.  Pull the standing end until the knot slides down to where you want the knot.
  • At this point, you can use a smooth jaw pliers to hold the tag end, pull the tag end and tighten the knot so your fly can swing loose.  Or you can slide the knot down to the hook eye and then lock it into place.
  • Trim the tag end close to the knot.
  • This is a strong knot and will not slip when tied correctly

Graphic of how to tie the Single Uniknot or Duncan Loop

uni-knot for attaching the fly to tippet
Uniknot or Duncan Loop Video

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