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Virtual Reality Sport Fishing Game, a new best of breed PC fishing game has been released by Pishtech. Pishtech is the developer of Real World Fly Fishing the best fly fishing simulator for the PC, an Ice Fishing Derby Game and Fishlogix, electronic fishing guide software from our partners at Outdoor Intellect. Fishlogix predicts where the fish will be and what lures, baits and presentations will catch them (over 25 species of fish). For a fraction of the cost of a single guided fishing trip you can have expert fishing advice for life. Fishlogix Pro is now on sale for $99.95 a savings of $200.00 (Limited Time Offer)

Here is what some of the Beta Testers of VR Sport Fishing had to say:

“When I got my boat, I went surface popper fishing and it was just like being on my favorite lake! I caught two nice bass with the popper. I love this game”

“Fishing a tournament in the rain was so realistic I had to put on a sweatshirt to fight off the chills”

“A great fishing-game with very realistic fish-behavior. It’s a great adventure to get the big ones. Beginners can learn very much for real fishing.”

VR Sport Fishing features:
  • Very realistic graphics
  • Control over your view, including first-person, overhead, over-the-shoulder, lure-following, etc.
  • 7 lakes with a wide variety of bottom types and cover
  • 7 species of fish, including trophy bass, pike, walleye and panfish
  • 7 levels of bass tournaments
  • A variety of spinning and baitcast rods and reels from ultra-light to heavy action
  • Very realistic lures including over 4,000 different style, size and color combinations
  • Fishing from the dock until you earn money for a boat
  • 4 boats ranging from a simple old fishing boat up to a high-powered bass boat
  • Realistic boat driving, including electric trolling motors
  • An amazingly realistic fish locator 
  • An intelligent fishing guide based on Fishlogix by Outdoor Intellect
  • Realistic boat traffic and tournament competitors
  • Realistic polarized sunglasses to improve visibility into the water
  • Realistic weather and seasonal conditions
  • Support for the Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality headset (optional)
This game supports (but doesn’t require) the Vuzix VR920 Virtual Reality headset.  The game doesn’t require a special display, but if you have the Vuzix headset it gives you stereo vision with depth perception and head tracking, so you can turn your head in any direction to look around while driving and fishing.  The Vuzix VR920 headset is state of the art immersive Virtual Reality technology.
The beta testers said that VR Sport Fishing is much better than any fishing game they’ve played before.  They ranked it as “Much Better” than even Trophy Bass 4, which sells for over $70. 
BUT we’re introducing VR Sportfishing at an amazingly low price:  ONLY $29.95! for the download version or CDRom for $39.95>> More info on the …. VR Sport Fishing game
For those of you who spinfish or use a baitcast setup to fish for bass, walleye, pike or panfish, this game is for you.
Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
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