Who is Terry L. Johnson

Terry L. Johnson is a man who has paid his dues in the fly fishing industry. Working as a fly fishing and hunting guide for 20 plus years, Terry knows fly rods and gear from the working side out.

From the design and manufacturing side, Terry started as a custom bamboo and graphite rod designer and builder over 25 years ago. Working with rod building greats such as Joe Fisher, Press Powell, Graphite USA and others, Terry honed his rod design and building skills to a high level.

Finally Terry started producing T.L. Johnson Rods under his own name. T.L. Johnson rods are proudly made in Colorado, USA. TL Johnson fly rods utilize a unique unidirectional graphite fiber, Helix construction which allows for less propritary resin to be impregnated into the blank meaning less blank weight. The blank is constructed using a helix wrapping technique of the prepreg graphite on the mandrel for superior hoop strength and lighter blank construction. The result is lighter faster fly rods that cast straighter and farther with less effort.

How do I know how they cast.? I spent 4 hours casting T.L. Johnson fly rods at the International Sportsmens Exposition in January 2010 and another hour casting Terry’s rods at the Denver Fly Fishing Show 2010.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,
Marshall, Editor
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